Acuity is in the business of providing companies the best technological approach to deliver innovative solutions which meet their business needs. This means we work with your requirements in mind and leverage the power of the latest technology to provide you valuable and competitive solutions to your business challenges.

Business Analysis/Systems Analysis

We study and bring out the primary business drivers of our clients. This could be in a form of a business objective analysis or an appraisal of an existing operation to determine how it could be improved. This usually becomes the basis for future projects and programs. Our offerings cover:
  • Business Modeling
  • Database Modeling
  • Business Innovation/Formulation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Business Gap Analysis

Systems Development

We have a wide array of development teams fully capable of providing the development expertise, delivering projects on time, and working within budget. We adhere to V-Model/Dual V-Model and Enterprise-Focused Development. Our development platforms are:
  • Java/J2EE/SOA/Webservice (Framework on JSF and Spring)
  • C# (Framework on .NET)
  • PHP (Framework on PHPMaker)
  • Android (Mobile and Tablets)
  • IOS Apllications
Aside from Full Systems Development, we also do:
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Research, Development, and Prototyping
  • Code Refactoring
  • Reverse Engineering of Codes
  • Code Reviews/Code Auditing


We document and define business and technical requirements of a specific project. These documents serve as the bridge that connects business objectives with the development teams. It is written in a language that can be understood by competent development teams but is based on business objectives identified by our clients. These give the development team the detail they need to properly estimate and design a technical solution and avoid excessive padding or erroneous estimates that lead to cost overruns and scope creep.

  • Requirements

    Manual on “what shall be” or “has been” implemented through gathering of requirements from end-users.
  • Architecture/Design

    Technical overview of the software including relations to an environment and construction principles to be used in design of software components.
  • Technical

    Documentation of code, algorithms, interfaces, and Application Programming Interface (API).
  • End User

    Manuals for the end-users, system administrators, and support staff.


We align business objectives with the right information technology solutions.
  • Technology and Solutions Assessment
  • Database Design
  • Information Systems Strategic Plan
  • Business Process Streamlining

Project Management

We adhere to the Method 123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM) in most cases. However, we’re versatile enough to adapt other project management standards which our clients are comfortable with; whether AGILE/SCRUM, refactored SDLC or a home-grown methodology. Our services cover:
  • Over-all project management
  • Specific Project Role Assignment (Process Alignment, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Control, Closing, etc.)

Business Process Management

All our services are BPM-centric. We make sure that the solutions provided to clients are visible and understandable in BPM-standard way; either using BP Modeling Notation (BPMN) or BP Execution Language (BPEL). This way, clients have complete understanding and control over the IT solutions that we provide. We use BPM tools from both OpenSource and Commercial Companies. Our BPM-driven solutions include:
  • Web-based Applications
  • Mobile-to-server Applications
  • Document Management and Tracking Systems
  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Web Portals

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance services is holistic, covering all phases of the V-Model Methodology. Our engineers use relevant and effective Automated Testing Tools that belongs to the “LEADER” quadrant of the 2012 Gartner’s QA Magic Quadrant. Our QA implementation is based on the processes defined in the International Alliance of Quality Professionals.

Applications Support

We install, support, and maintain application and database servers, and other computer systems. We also plan for and respond to service outages. With multiple supplier warranties to each component of the system, Acuity provides its own infrastructure support specialists as TIER 1 interface between customer and its suppliers in maintaining and supporting the system.
  • Database Management/Administration


We transfer data between storage types, formats, or computer systems which is required when businesses change computer systems or upgrade to new systems.

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