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Should We Go for Desktop or Web-based Applications? Featured

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                 Nowadays, millions of apps are being developed and launched worldwide. It can be anything under the sun from games, fashion, business down to the most compelling skill or office related applications available online or offline. Well, this is not surprising given the rapid advancement of technology and our modern society. People are given the privilege to immerse themselves into a lot of choices, available to support their lifestyle and even their businesses.

But in a myriad of co-existing apps, which is the best way to go? Which is convenient to use? Which is more feasible? Will it be the use of desktop apps or web-based applications?

Given these unceasing questions, let us try to strike a point of balance and analyze both of them.

Desktop and Web-Based Applications

Normally, people are more familiar with desktop applications. Name all of those from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel up to the stand-alone software that you usually install in your laptop or desktop. These are the computer programs that can run locally on your personal computer. On the other hand, a web application can only run and delivered to a local device via the Internet. Emails and online retail applications are now within your reach with the use of certain web-based applications. Yahoo, Gmail and Skype are the conventional examples of web-based applications.

As years passed, the wonders of web-based applications have also urged developers to make an offline version of certain apps. This justifies the idea that the features of desktop apps are still preferred by some. No wonder why other people are still buying CD-ROM to install their favorite desktop program or game. In this way, they can enjoy its use without connectivity constraints.

Comparing Desktop and Web-based Applications

Choosing between the two kinds of apps is relatively dependent on your purpose and your personal preference. If you are a business owner, the decision will solely depend on your needs and objectives. But here are some important factors and parameters that can help you decide.

  • Usability and Accessibility- Relatively, both kinds of applications are easy to use especially now that we are in the digital age. However, desktop applications can only run on a specific desktop. It means that physical location is a main factor to consider. You can only use the certain application or program on the computer where you installed it. You can’t open it even on your mobile phone. In contrast, this is very different for web-based applications where you can use and access the app anytime and anywhere as long as there is a stable Internet connection. Most of the apps are delivered and run through a web-browser and is not mutually exclusive on a particular device.


  • Control and Security- In terms of control, desktop applications are reliable and safe since you have the control over the program or software. Since a desktop application is installed on a particular desktop the risks are smaller as compared to web-based applications where the risks are higher and outgoing threats may occur. In this kind of application, the owner may or may not have direct control over the information since it is run via the Internet.


  • Cost- In terms of cost, desktop applications are more on the “one-time payment” scheme. Buy the software and pay for it. Unlike, web-based applications, you have the option to use it for a certain period of time. You also have the chance to upgrade it just in case you still want an improved version of it. The cost and payment scheme is very flexible.


  • Maintenance- Web-based applications are preferred by many due to the fact that it eliminates the hassle of maintenance. If you want to upgrade it, you can easily subscribe and pay an additional amount for upgrade and the third party or company who developed it will do the hassle for you. Unlike desktop apps, the maintenance cost might be high which will cost you to buy another version of the software or program. It is highly dependent on hardware requirements so it is not that flexible as compared to web-based applications.


  • Audience-Reach and Scalability- Desktop applications are location bound and if you want to share this kind of application you have to install it several times to other computers. On the other hand, web-based applications are Internet-based so as long as you are connected, you can subscribe or install the app that you want online. If you want to share it, you can instantly and directly do it, so that others can see it and download it on their own. This is also the reason why businesses preferred web-based apps due to its wider reach and limitless scope.

These are just some of the parameters and standards that you can use to choose what will work best for you or your business. If you want an application that is exclusive for your use only and available offline, you might want to consider using a desktop application. Meanwhile, if you are more of updates and dynamic features plus convenience and accessibility, web-based apps will do the wonders for you.  Just always remember that the kind of app that you will use should always be anchored upon your personal and business needs. Just feel free to explore different kinds of apps and choose what would interest you at its finest.

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