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Unravelling 2016’s New Programming Languages & Knowing Why Learning Such is Crucial Featured

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          In this time of progression, it is evident that the innumerable forces of technology conquered and revolutionized how people think and act. This sector has been a prominent platform in terms of creating avenues for people to innovate and discover new solutions to make their lives easier.

Surprisingly, change has been an inherent aspect of technology. Every now and then, applications and gadgets are being renewed, updated, invented or some can also be outdated. Indeed, this has become a challenge for people to adapt to what the 21st century way of life calls for.

Innovation has transpired over the years and it paved way to the birth of new gadgets, applications, systems down to the tiniest details of microchips, cables and even new codes and programming languages!

Well, as astonishing as it may sound, even programming languages can be updated or changed just like your new mobile application or Iphone! Of course, learning the basics of programming will make any developer survive, but in order to meet the demands of the modern world, they must have also felt the need to innovate and leverage their knowledge and skills within the current trends.

After all, this boils the down to the question of, is it really crucial to know some of the new programming languages?

Actually, it can be a big “Yes!” or a hesitant “No!”.

The truth is, it is really the prerogative of the developer if he or she wants to immerse his or herself into this new world of coding. Hence, there are also circumstances that developers learn such either by force or due to the urgency of the need to update a new system. It won’t hurt actually because some the new programming languages are open-source all you have to do is to ransack online and understand how it works!

Here are also some of the new programming languages of 2016 and the reasons why it is crucial to learn some of them!

New Programming Languages of 2016

Source: (TechWorld, 2016)

  • Scala- is tagged as a functional and object oriented language that is highly scalable.
  • Google Go- is created in 2009 by 3 Google employees, this language is easy to use and dynamically efficient.
  • Hack- is a programming language released by Facebook, available as open source to replace the PHP language of the website.
  • Julia- is a popular high level performance kind of programming language.
  • Elixir- is known as a “general purpose” programming language that is used for creating embedded systems. It is also used in developing websites.

 Benefits of Knowing New Programming Languages

  • System & Application Integration

Knowing a new programming language is important in terms of integrating another system to a new system. In software or application development, a barrel of requirements should be considered and one of those is the programming language used. Sometimes compatibility with a certain language is an issue. Thus, knowing a lot of programming languages especially the new ones will make you more adaptable just in case you need to integrate an old system to a new one.

  • Security & Data Storage

Familiarizing yourself with the existence of new programming languages will give you heads up in terms of security and data storage. Remember, security nowadays is very important especially that new ways for hacking are also being discovered! Therefore, it is also important to learn these new programming languages so that you can choose what language can actually support and strengthen your data protection and storage.  

  • System Update & Improvement

More often than not, systems and applications need to be updated overtime. Further functionalities and customizations are now being incorporated upon it. Thus, those changes might require a developer to use new programming languages that can administer the needed functionality. Furthermore, knowing such can give you the competitive advantage to streamline old functionalities to the contemporary ones within the system.

  • Marketability and Flexibility

In today’s globally competitive setting, business operations are relying too much on technology when it comes to innovation. Digital transformation is still the best way to go to in terms of marketability and flexibility. Learning a new programming language can give a developer a chance to be marketable in the workplace considering that a lot of companies are searching for developers who are a “jack of all trades” or who someone who knows a lot of programming languages. Thus, this entails how flexible they are in terms of working with systems and applications. Businesses nowadays even have their own requirements and specifications when it comes to acquiring service so being able to know-it-all gives you an edge over the others.

  • Future-Proof Knowledge & Skills

Knowing a set of new programming languages will make a developer ready for the future. You’ll never know! What may be in today, might be obsolete in the future. A parcel of these new languages might teach you some skills that may come in handy in the future. No one can really tell but these languages are very promising in terms of knowledge and skill generation. Newbies are also encouraged to explore such to be able to familiarize and develop their skills in terms of coding.

There are a lot of programming languages that may come in the long run. These are just some of benefits why it is crucial to learn new programming languages. At the end of the day, the logic of every programming language is the same with the others. The only difference is the syntax that developers use for each one. Thus, why not give it a try, fresh ideas can actually make you grow and improver yourself Why not give it a try and go out of your comfort zone!

I think it is better to master the old and go in with the new!



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