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How Small Companies Can Benefit in Acquring the Services of A Reputable Software Company Featured

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All companies have IT-related issues. This is a fact. It could either be that a new application may need to interface with an existing system or that a company would just to automate or computerize a business process to enable business and operational efficiency, or just simply, to generate appropriate reports needed by management to make critical decisions in the course of the business. While large companies may have the resources like money and manpower to create such requirements, most smaller companies do not have this luxury due to limited resources. Then this is where these small companies have several options namely:

  • Just do everything manually. Forget about efficiency, and forget about accuracy.
  • Just buy a new software and let our business operations adjust based on what the software can do.
  • Outsource the creation of additional functionalities.

These options hinder the business, per se on a short to long term basis. For one, efficiency and accuracy of operations and reports are critical. The business may not be aware of revenue leaks that arise from inefficient operations or erroneous reports. Secondly, it is a “strict” rule in business that the software should adjust or handle business requirements, not the other way around. Allowing business operations to be dictated by what an application or software can do limits a business flexibility. A company cannot just say to a customer that “We cannot support what you need, because our IT systems do not support it”, is definitely wrong.

Smaller companies do not have their own internal IT team to support applications development and even management of their infrastructure. They may have a small team, but it is utilized for critical functions or core functions. The rest? They would really have to outsource them out, if they feel that specific systems functionalities are really required to support their business.

This is the issue. Because of limited resources, most small companies either hire or outsource these tasks to freelancers who definitely charge lower than those of established consultants. Since these freelancers are either newly grads, or just simply do programming as a hobby, the quality of output is questionable. No one can force a Mitsubishi Mirage to do 250 kph on Autobahn right? While not that generally speaking, freelancers do not have such skills that are acquired in building an enterprise-like application systems. Since small companies do not have that internal resources in doing quality assurance, it would be left to these developers to deliver, albeit of the quality. “As long as the system runs, and we can get what we want.”

While it is not that abhorable, tend to look at it in a bigger perspective. Who supervises them to ensure quality? What is their measurable key result areas (KRAs)? How do they code things? Are they following coding standards? Who does the software maintenance? Are they documenting everything? What will happen if they suddenly leave while in the middle of the project? And what if they suddenly leave after the project?

This is where outsourcing everything to a reputable software outsourcing company comes into play. Sure, costs could be higher, but for an outsourcing company doing such outsourced work, quality is the most important. Outsourced development companies work closely with the customers to ensure that all current and future requirements are factored. Quality Assurance Testing is important prior to turn-over and everything follows a strict coding standard to ensure continuity. Everything is also documented so that after the project turn-over, any maintenance work that needs to be done can be properly followed. Not only that, small companies who outsource their software development requirements have that key result areas that are properly defined, wherein project plans are properly laid out prior to the start of each activity. Outsourcing companies also provide maintenance services to ensure that the software developed are properly fixed as soon as possible, patches are immediately done and new modules can be added based on business requirements ensuring continuity of operations for the small business. 

Although it is really hard to quantify the costs involved between outsourcing software development to freelanced individuals and outsourcing companies specializing in software development on a face value basis (amount vs. Amount, apples to apples comparison), the long term effect of outsourcing these services to a reputable software development company can be paid of in such a reasonable time. Quality control failures effect business operations that result in loss of revenue and reputation and this has an immediate effect on the business. Sadly individuals or freelancers cannot deliver such quality results. It would be better if everything can be outsourced to an institution compared to individuals for proper protection. Continuity of the project as well as maintenance activities are guaranteed even though people from the outsourcing companies leave. Imagine what it would do if a small company is working with an individual or a freelancer and he or she leaves. Then everything will go to waste.

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