Corporate Highlights

Business Line : Software and Applications Development, Systems Architecture, Project Management
Software and Applications Development Line: Mobile, Web and Legacy Systems
Solution Partners : Two (2)
Core Expertise : Business Application and Mobile Application Software Development, Systems Maintenance and Management, Project Management, Database Management and Administration, Systems Design and Analysis, Quality Assurance and Testing, Systems Documentation
Core Technical Expertise: Java, Php, C++, MySQL, Microsoft SQL

What we do:

Acuity Technologies, Inc. is in the forefront of systems automation in several government agencies supporting the Millenium Plans of the Philippine Government. While we have solid experiences in developing applications for these agencies, we believe that each organization, big or small should benefit in using technology in terms of running their businesses. Acuity Technologies, as a systems integrating company, is also in the forefront of maximizing IT-related investments by integrating several application systems and infrastructure so that a consolidated view and purpose is achieved.

Key Customers

Some of Acuity Technologies' customers who are very much happy with the way we have worked with them includes:

Sun Microsystems Philippines, for the technical oversight on the development and Oracle Database Management of the Electronic Filing and Payment Systems for the Bureau of Internal Revenue, The Department of Trade and Industry for the development, project management and Infrastructure Support of the Business Name Registration Systems and Philippine Business Name Registration Systems, Smart Communications for the perfomance assessment of their Open Message Components, the Philippine Department of Health for the applications development, training and systems integration of the Maternal and Neonatal Health Tracking System (MNHTS) – Watching Over Mothers and Babies (WOMB) system,

Ericsson Philippines for the development and implementation of its Database Management Systems, the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for the application performance assessment of the Government Workers Administration and Payment System, Talikos Ltd. Of Hongkong on the architecture design of the Talikos Enterprise Synchronization Engine, 4 Solutions Enterprise of Australia for the development of the Secure Client Console of their Electronic Data Interchange and with Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) for their Corporate Website.

The Philippine Business Name Registration System (Department of Trade and Industry)

With the sole purpose of contributing to the Philippine economic growth by encouraging small scale businesses and enterpreneural Filipinos, DTI had created a concept of a creation of centralized, nationwide and a web-based registry of business names across the country. With this, Acuity Technologies was tasked to develop a web-based application that automates the application, renewal and searching of non-similar business names. This system was also created to accept mobile and electronic modes of payment that reduced the overall time in registering a business.

The Philippine Business Registry (Department of Trade and Industry)

To complement the Philippine Business Name Registration Systems which was originally aimed in serving sole proprietary businesses, the Philippine Business Registration Systems was conceptualized by the Department of Trade and Industry to handle a seamless business registration process to include the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Social Security System, Philhealth and Pag-ibig in a single web facility.

The Philippine Business Registry and Business Name Registration Systems Migration (Department of Trade and Industry)

Because of performance issues on both the PBR and BNRS systems, the Department of Trade and Industry had embarked on a migration of these two systems to a faster, highly available and scalable infrastructure, which is a cloud-based environment. To support these activities, Acuity Technologies had put on a migrations plan as well as implement the migration of the entire systems, including its databases to a cloud environment as well as performance of a total quality assurance and performance testing of these two applications to handle maximum loads during peak usage.

The Maternal and Neonatal Health – Watching Over Mothers and Babies (Department of Health)

The Maternal and Neonatal Health Tracking System - Watching Over Mothers and Babies (MNHTS-WOMB) was launched at the 6 Pilot Municipalities (Naujan, Pola, Bansud, Mansalay, Bongabong, Bulalacao) in Oriental Mindoro in 2014 by the Department of Health and its partners - PhilHealth and Department of Social Welfare and Development. The goals were to accelerate progress in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which focused on improving reproductive, maternal and child health outcomes and sought to do this to coordinate cost-effective use of resources, leverage resources, reduce duplication, and encourage the sharing of best practices among partners. Acuity Technologies developed an Android Application installed in Tablet Devices, which is used by Municipal Health Officers, to easily monitor and report maternal and neonatal health.

Corporate Website (Bases Conversion and Development Authority)

In Bases Conversion and Development Authority, the use of the internet and creating their own website is being promoted to further commercialized and reach out to the potential market. In-turn this would attract investments, creating jobs for Filipino people and boosting the Philippine economy. With the fast track transitioning of technology, BCDA found the need to improve and re-design their current website which aims to promote the latter. A content management system has been put into consideration in the creation of their website which would assist them in adding more value to their website. Acuity Technologies redesigned, enhanced, re-architected and currently supporting the BCDA website to help the organization achieve its primary objective of rebranding and marketing and at the same time target wider array of customers both locally and abroad.

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